"Love knows no distance..."

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First off, sorry everyone for not posting in awhile! I am back and will keep updating at least twice or more a week! I encourage everyone to watch this video short of an LDR couple! It really personifies many difficulties that come with a long distance relationship but also shows how far along communication, love, and faith in each other will help the relationship grow.

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thehappymonologues asked: I wanted to share me and my boyfriend's LDR story with you! We are a couple of filmmakers/actors who are in a long distance relationship. Because of how difficult it is, we've decided to make a short film about our experience and wanted to find other LDR communities to share with because they understand our pain and happiness most! Tumblr won't let me post a link here but if you're at all interested in seeing it, posting it, or reblogging it, please visit my tumblr! We'd greatly appreciate it!!!

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floweriss asked: i just wanted to say thanks for making such a blog. i miss my boyfriend of a year and half so much and i love seeing relatable things <3

You’re absolutely welcome! (: I wish you and your boyfriend nothing but the best and hope you guys will always be happy together! <3 

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What’s your long distance story?

Some time soon I shall post my boyfriend&I’s story but I’d LOVE to hear YOUR GUY’S STORIES! Please message me them and I will post them on this blog! I don’t care how crazy or out there it is as long as it’s honest& true, I would love to read about it! <3

Thanks a bunch!